8 types of advertising fraud that harm your business today

According to an AdAge report, it is estimated that 1 in 3 dollars spent on advertising are lost due to fraud.

Here are 8 types of human and non-human fraud that may be damaging your business.

1.- Simple bots: They are simple scripts that are executed from a server. They use fixed IP addresses and show predictable behavior patterns, so they are easy to detect and neutralize.

2.- Complex bots: Unlike simple bots, they use tactics such as imitation of mouse movements, rotation and impersonation of IP addresses, use of proxies and machine learning to make detection difficult.

3.- Click farms: They are large groups of low-paid workers in low-income countries, whose only job is to click on ads. In general, it is easy to detect by analyzing the origin of IP addresses, but over time it has begun to become more difficult to detect by the use of proxies or tools such as TOR.

4.- Invisible advertising: It consists of placing more than one advertisement in the same space. This way you only see one ad, but advertisers pay for all those shown on your website without knowing.

5.- Filler of pixels: Another form of invisible advertising consists in placing the ads in 1 pixel spaces, which makes them invisible to the human eye but not to the advertiser, who pays for each fraudulent impression.

6.- Advertising injection: Using browser extensions or add-ons, it is possible to inject advertising on a website without the knowledge of its owners. In this way legitimate advertising is replaced by illegitimate and the website loses impressions and money.

7.- Filling of cookies: It consists of the practice of adding multiple cookies to the user’s session, with which it is possible to attribute sales or conversions in a fraudulent way especially in affiliate marketing.

8.- Domain impersonation: This practice consists of fraudulent and low-profile sites posing as premium websites. It is usually done through malware or browser extensions, which allows you to extract advertising tags to impersonate another website. With this an advertiser thinks that their ads are displayed on premium websites, which does not happen and causes them to lose money.

In Nei Analytics we have tools to detect and stop advertising fraud. Contact us if you have any of these problems or if you think that your advertising investment is not being profitable.

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