Click fraud!

The easiest and least detectable way to commit click fraud is to create a website that includes advertisements and click on those ads as much as possible to generate revenue.

Today there are the so-called “click farms”, or “click farms”, which are companies located in countries such as China, India or Bangladesh that hire low-cost employees to click on ads on different websites manually all day .

It is also possible to commit fraud using bots or bots that automatically click on the ads.

In both methods techniques are used to hide the true IP address of the computer.

A different, and also much more complex and sophisticated method includes the use of computer viruses to take control of a large number of computers and get those computers to click on the advertisements of different websites.

How much is fraud today?

The third annual report “Bot Baseline” reveals that the economic losses due to click fraud are estimated at USD $ 6.5 billion globally in 2017. Other estimates estimate the cost of click fraud between 9% to 18% of total expenditure in online advertising.

How do you fight?

The only way today to combat click fraud is by using specialized software on this. These software study with artificial intelligence and other methods the behavior of the entities that cause damage and block them automatically.

Today in Chile and Latin America there is an alternative, Protection of Nei Analytics, which helps stop fraud and improve conversion rates of advertising investment.

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