What is NEI Protection?

Nei Protection is a software that detects, prevents and protects against advertising fraud. Monitors and monitors in real time the behavior of visitors to your website, blocking all activity related to click fraud.

What is click fraud?

Click fraud is when people or an automated system, known as the bot method, repeatedly clicks on ads in Google Ads, with the goal of consuming an advertiser’s budget and altering the measurement of the results of their advertising campaign. , avoiding, with this, to achieve the objectives that were raised when making the investment.

What results can I get when I hire Nei Protection?

You can increase the conversion rate between 5% to 25%; which translates into increased sales or customer acquisition, with the same budget. By stopping advertising fraud, users will be real, which will positively impact the result you expect from your campaign.

How is it installed?

To install Nei Protection you must add a javascript tag in the HTML of your website and enable the Nei Analytics user in the Google Ads account you want to monitor.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Nei Protection works on all types of devices. Our system protects against bots, competitors and people who click excessively on your AdWords ads, regardless of the device they use for that.

How long does it take to run?

Nei Protection is implemented in one hour, and after 15 days of calibration of the algorithm, it starts to operate in regime.