Nei Protection

Nei Protection is a software that works in the detection, prevention and protection against advertising fraud.
Our anti-fraud service protects our customers who use Google Ads, automatically blocking all fraudulent IP addresses and executing any malicious activity.

How does it work?


Monitor in real time each click on your ads and the behavior of users on the client’s website.


Detects fraudulent traffic, using constantly optimized algorithms and artificial intelligence, which allows to separate potential customers from fraudulent or bots.


Block advertising for that user in real time. The access to the website is maintained, but the ads stop appearing for the bot or fraudulent user.

What are its benefits?

Increase the conversion rate between 5% to 25%; which translates into increased sales or customer acquisition, with the same budget.

Increase the quantity and quality of your customers. By stopping advertising fraud, users will be real, which will positively impact the result you expect from your campaign.

You will enter cleaner data to your analysis systems, which will allow you to make better advertising decisions, investing more efficiently your budget.

Get detailed reports, through access to a 360º visit of each click, where you will obtain information such as IP address, location and the keyword used.

In addition, when Nei Protection is contracted, Nei ads Optimization is included for one year free of charge.

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