The importance of Google Ads certificates

In recent years numerous diplomas have appeared that have begun to train professionals in digital marketing. These titles allow you to prove your knowledge in subjects as new as SEO (search engine optimization), social networks or internet advertising.

Of all these free certifications that accredit the knowledge in the handling of some of the main internet tools, one of the best is the Google certification, which includes Google Analytics and Google Ads.

The Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google grants to people who demonstrate a high level of knowledge in the basic and advanced aspects of Google ads, both for search, YouTube or other Google products. With this certification, Google recognizes you as an online advertising professional in its tools.

Many companies look for professional profiles that have obtained any of these certifications for 2 reasons mainly:

Show your experience. To show your current and potential clients that you are a certified professional of online advertising, since you can show your personalized certificate and show it on your Google public profile page, where all the certifications you have are indicated.
It helps your agency or company to obtain the status of partner. To get the Google Partners badge, agencies need at least one of their affiliated members to have AdWords certification.

To obtain the certifications you must register with Google Partners and create a personal profile, which will allow you to access the free Google certification exams and related study material to take the exams.

In Nei Analytics we have these certifications, with which we guarantee our clients that our knowledge is 100% current and up to date.

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