The problem of geographic orientation in advertising

Perhaps it has happened to you that your Google Ads campaign, which you filtered for a specific geographical area, receives clicks from other countries. For example, if you have a business in Mendoza, Argentina, you may not be interested that people from Bogotá, Colombia can find you on Google in a paid way (but your advertising may still appear). Not less than a significant percentage of your budget will go outside your selected region.

Although it sounds weird, this goes by the Google ads rule:

Advanced geographic targeting options allow you to reach the following users:

• Users who are in their orientation region, who are looking for that region or who show interest in it (recommended)

• Users who are in their region of orientation

• Users who are looking for their region of orientation or who show interest in it

The geographical orientation error occurs very often, since very few place “exclusion” for other regions. Not excluding other regions is perhaps useful for your business model (for example tourism), but in most companies this error is very expensive, in addition to being a form of campaign damage by bots and click click farms farms.

Having automatic protection systems such as the one provided by Protection, from Nei Analytics is of vital importance today to ensure that your investment in advertising reaches where you want it to arrive. Our algorithms automatically detect these shortcomings and provide you with defenses against these possible damages in your campaigns.

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